The surprising reason McDonald’s Burgers never go bad

Did you know that there is a McDonald’s hamburger that has been stored for more than 10 years in Iceland? The fast food chain closed all its restaurants in this country in 2009, and since then the last food served, including hamburger and fries, has been served at Snotra House (Reykjavik ). Likewise, There’s a reason McDonald’s hamburgers don’t rot..

Why don’t McDonald’s hamburgers rot?

J. Kenji López-Alt, from ‘The Food Lab’, set out to answer this question that worries many people around the world, and for this he conducted an experiment. For a few months, he was done with many different small hamburgers from McDonald’sand the conclusion he reached is very clear: they do not rot because they are dry.

The most common myth is that hamburgers do not rot because they are made with chemicals, but this is not the case. This happens because the working water of the ingredients. The hamburgers are made on very hot plates, so they quickly lose their moisture. Therefore, before they rot, they dry out.

To this must be added that, when cooked at high temperatures, the bacteria do not survive, so the burgers don’t contain bacteria that can cause them to break. Also, J. Kenji López-Alt confirms that this is not something that happens and is unique with McDonald’s hamburgers: “If you think a McDonald’s hamburger that doesn’t rot is bad, you should look at crackers or beef jerky.”.

McDonald’s Curiosities

Now you know why fast-chain burgers never go bad, there are some don’t know about McDonald’s that will surely surprise you.

The history of the company dates back to 1937 in California (United States), by the hand of Richard and Maurice McDonald. They made movies and plays, but the business didn’t do well. Therefore, they decided to buy a hot dog standing at the door.

It was originally called Bar-B-Que, and it was a barbecue place. It wasn’t until 1948 that McDonald’s started selling the classic hamburger and fries menu. The BigMac sauce remained a secret for five decades, but in 2017 the ingredients were revealed, as published by the newspaper ‘The Sun’: soybean oil, vinegar, pickles, onion powder, egg yolks and mustard .

Finally, it should be noted that McDonald’s is banned in some countries, such as Iceland, Bolivia, Zimbabwe or Iran.

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