The police and Senasa intercepted the horse refrigerator hidden in Toay

There were three people involved, all brothers. One is charged and two, warned in freedom.

The personnel from the Military Investigations of the District Office I broke the ice cream horse in the area of ​​Toay’s farm.

In the place, a recently slaughtered animal was found, three freezers with horse pulp and also a few kilos of minced meat to make hamburgers.

Some 50 police officers were involved in the operation, including police, City Security and Special Forces. Senasa employees were also affected.

“In the place it was possible to identify the presence of many horses covered with silobolosa, one recently killed and it can be seen that they do not have any hygiene,” the director of Brigade, Chief of Staff Horacio Cabrillana, told El Diario.

“It’s a cold open,” the officer added. In the images of the process, you can even see chickens in the same place where the animal was slaughtered, pecking at the remains on the ground.

“There is one person accused and two warned in freedom, all brothers, according to law 817, of meat products, and from 14,346, of animal abuse, because the horse was hacked to death,” explained Cabrillana. This charge carries a maximum penalty of two years in prison.

In the place, there is a cement gutter, where slaughtered animals are placed, so that the blood flows from the unevenness, and another 5 horse locks. “This is not just an animal. Everything is planned to find the horses, kill them and sell the cuts,” said the police chief.

In the place, they found three freezers with frozen cuts – it will be horse meat – and minced meat to prepare hamburgers. “This is very dangerous because serious illnesses can be contracted by eating meat slaughtered in this way. That’s why they have worked with people from SENASA,” they added by son Police.

(Source: The Journal)

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