The latest ranking of hamburger restaurants in Madrid

We are talking about the best hamburger restaurants in Madrid, but the best, the brand. At Sivarious we know that readers are tired of seeing endless, endless and negative details when it comes to choosing the best burger joint. For this reason, we have carried out a complete study, where after testing many (if not all) of the hamburger joints in the city, we have created an accurate ranking of the joints Hamburger in Madrid.

Burger bars in Spain (especially in Madrid) are big business. The number of new businesses has increased, with the precedent of great victories such as “Goiko” hamburger restaurant, which since receiving the funds “L Cattertton” has stopped the operation thought, although his business continued. energy to energy and It is more than one hundred million euros a year.

But in this article we are not here to tell you what you already know… Yes, we know that “Vicio” hamburger restaurant is hitting it big, but what There are many things unknown about the hamburgers that we will tell you next. will make your case like a Seat Panda in a Ferrari dealer. We have created a list for the best burger joints that we have judged according to the preparation and quality of their ingredients. So without further ado, we begin with our ranking.

Here are the 5 best restaurants in Madrid in 2022:

5. Alfredo’s Barbecue. (Juan Huratdo de Mendoza Street, 11).

Alfredos Barbecue is fifth in our ranking, more than deserved. It is a regular hamburger restaurant, since no matter how many years, it does not get better without leaving its market place with diners. They have two locations, one a few meters from the Bernabéu, in Juan Hurtado de Mendoza and the other in Lagasca. You will be with both. All the hamburgers are good, with a lot of grilled flavor and the fries are right, although they lose a lot if you order them at home. The burger that uses the bun is one with cheese, bacon and barbecue sauce. It is a must to order the coleslaw, the best we have tasted. Alfredos is one of those places that transports you to the United States of the 60s, it has a lot of importance and quality. I can’t remember the above.

BBQ Alfredo. Photos from your Instagram account.

4. Juanchos BBQ (Alonso Cano Street, 10).

It hurts us to include Juancho’s in our ranking, because we believe it is getting better. It’s a production that has made us very proud, so we feel some disappointment for the ups and downs. When they open the meat just melts in your mouth and the bread is like air butter, now they are more traditional. However, it is still one of the best hamburger restaurants in Madrid and (for now) it holds the number four position. Many shops are open but we recommend you go to the Chamberí shop first. It’s good to eat a hamburger when you watch how they cook it on the grill, which by the way is professional (it has a puller and a smoker). We still remember the first time we walked through the door, at that time it was the best in Madrid, without a doubt. We recommend “Federer” and “Juanchos Chessburguer”, we throw it away.

junachos bbq hamburgers
BBQ Juanchos. Photos from your Instagram account.

3. Burmet (Luis Vives Street, 9).

We went to Burmet with low expectations and hit the ground running. From the first moment we did not believe that they have different types of hamburgers. We usually like that they have three or four but are very active. The employee recommended “Coffee delight” and the fact is that the recommendation is very good, it is very good. To give it a snag, caramelized onions are very sweet, to the point of cloying, our recommendation is that you remove it or ask for less. The flavor of the meat is spectacular, very juicy and juicy, it comes in two 150-gram discs but it is not smash style.

burmet madrid hamburgers
Burmet’s report. Photos from your Instagram account.

2. The bistro (Calle de Espartinas, 7)

The bistroteca is completely finished. The place is small and always full, so if you want to go we recommend that you book a week in advance. We tried the award winning “palma” which was great but we will not order it again. If you are a cheese lover, we recommend “New York Cheese”. The bistro has some surprising preparations, it can be said that it is the closest to a haute hamburger restaurant, they have burgers with compotes, foie gras, cheeses from different regions… And that’s it all of them, without exception, are good. . The place is very beautiful and the quality of its products is brilliant. It is important to order the nachos with matured meat as a starter, spectacular.

Bistrotroteca madrid hamburgers
the bistro. Photos from your Instagram account.

1. Hundred Madrid (opening soon).

You might be wondering why we’ve included a hamburger restaurant at the top that hasn’t opened yet. The answer is simple, because we have tried it. And not because we are lucky, but because they have been with a village in the city of Valencia for many years. This is without a doubt the best hamburger restaurant we have tried, and they recently announced their new promotion on social media. The meat just tastes like a matured ripeye and both the meaning and the quality of its ingredients are perfect. It should be noted that the brioche bread is not as good as the bistro, but the whole experience is very good. We hope that the next opening of Hundred in Madrid, whose location is not yet known, will be at the same level as its other locations. At Sivarious we believe this is the opening decade when it comes to hamburgers.

hundred burgers
BBQ Alfredo. Photos from your Instagram account.

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