The fresh fish burger that wins in Mercadona

It is true that to have a healthy diet it is necessary to eat fish. A very healthy habit that many have trouble incorporating into their daily diet.

Even more so if we refer to children, for whom it is very difficult eat this special food. Managing to eat enough fish at home, in this case, seems more difficult.

However, that could change from now on as the store becomes bigger Mercadona has announced a new product in its range of fish burgers.

It is a combination of hake and shrimp, and that was announced by the group ‘Novedades Mercadona’ on its Instagram account.

It should be clarified, yes, that the fish burgers of the ‘white’ brand of the Mercadona chain (Hacendado) and made by the plant of the company Caladero de Zaragoza, is a finished product.

Just because it’s done doesn’t mean it’s a bad food in itself. In this view, You have to see what part of the fish is in the hamburger. The more, obviously, the better.

So, according to the independent nutrition information portal Open Food Facts, each burger contains 57% hake and 17% shrimp, which means 74% “real food” – approval is around 90% -.

The rest will be in water, sunflower oil-olive oil will be suitable- too a series of additives which includes starches, wheat flour, vegetable fibers, salt and sugar.

The origin of the fish

The hamburgers in question, according to the website developer, keep trout, mussels, sea bream, sea bass and sardines in Spain; shrimp, from Nicaragua and Ecuador; hake from African waters; and finally, the salmon is from Norway.

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