The cuisine of Puy du Fou covers the flavors of the history of Spain

Restoration is the central pillar of Puy du Fou Spain. Amusement park in Toledo there is a team of more than 300 people in the hospitality area and a variety and good gastronomic ideas. With 26 different locations around the perimeter of the field, is marked by it bet on local products and those return of the traditional flavors linked to the region of La Mancha.

Eurestspecific lines of business by Compass GroupyesDirector of the renovation of the park, with Alberto Avilés at the helm of the area according to the chef of Puy du Fou, after passing through the kitchen of Coque and Teatro Real. In the process of preparing each dish, the team led by Áviles together with the use of living systems -like those roasted in a wood oven- with the present.

Eurest, the exclusive line of business of the Compass Group, is in charge of the renovation of the theater in Toledo, with Alberto Avilés to the area of ​​leadership of Puy du Fou.

for gastronomy products from the region of La Mancha have been selected -wine from La Guardia, oil from Mascaraque, cheeses from Guadamur, sweets from Santo Tomé Workshop, Domus beer – with the aim of dcreate an idea that will bring back the traditional flavors and take us back to the past.

Different places which makes this wide gastronomic experience spread to many areas good difference: La Puebla Real, La Venta de Isidro, El Arrabal, El Corral de Comedias and Los Alijares.

The traditional flavors linked to the region of La Mancha

In La Puebla Real, a must stop in the Middle Ages, the Sephardic tavern stands out that live at the foot of the great wall of the park. It is an invention of the Jewish people. At the entrance, Mezuzah – a type of parchment – welcome with the words of welcome, asking for God’s protection. There are also inscriptions on the door lintel. This tradition comes from seven incidents in Egypt when they painted sheep’s blood to show that a Jewish family was there. In this tavern you can taste, basically, toast and pickles that season of the place. Salmon, chicken and pork (cooked on low heat) and arugula. Jews have no problem with Gentiles eating pork. In fact, Israel is a major producer of pigs for export.

Hello Yantarmeanwhile, yes those most spanish restaurantsl, a hotel used. It is intramuralInside the city -which means that all the products that are consumed inside are from the establishment of the business with rules and regulations (unlike what is always outside the walls) -. Among other dishes you can taste salmorejo, salad in carrots, pickled onions in lemon and green apples, stew of prey and mushrooms with baked potatoes and Manchego cheese flakes or grilled lamb in the wood stove.

In the area of ​​La Venta de Isidrowhich is about San Isidro Labrador, in respect to the country and the farmers, is El Asador de Isidro, with white walls that invite rest and relaxation. This specializing in grilled chicken. Next to the barbecue is Maria’s Cheese Factorywhere you can taste tables of various kinds: semi-cured, cured, rosemary, Mahón or Ideazábal.

In the area he represents Andalusian Spain see those Soldier Andalusian; set in the battle of Simancas Y commemorating the military camp of Caliph Abderramán in the middle of the Castilian plateau. Outside of Mezze de Ziryab you can taste hot or cold Moorish tea with mint and cinnamon, as well as Arabic desserts-based on almonds, sugar and musk- and lemon-lemon sorbet. It is a natural sight with the Montes de Toledo at the bottom of the valley.

In The suburbarea at the entrance of the castle – outside the walls-, often informal gastronomic offer in different themed food stores that must be eaten. tapas sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers, cokes, baked potato, snacks and drinks.

Price restoration of Puy du Fou They vary from 6.50 to 28 euros. Now, the people who work for the park work in the idea of ​​also incorporating a gastronomic restaurant into the proposal.

The company strengthens its commitment to Spain

After more than three years of workOn August 30, 2019, the doors of the first great show in the park were opened: “El Sueño de Toledo”; a journey through more than 1,500 years of history built on a 5-hectare level that is recognized as the Best in Europe. After that, in spring 2021 daytime shows open, which proposes a journey through Spanish history and legends with bravery, incredible challenges and the best films of special effects and state-of-the-art – drawing technology. Also, guests can enjoy a few times the village to delve deep into history.

Puy du Fou Spain has invested 183 million euros in the first phase of the park and its commitment goes through. expansion of investment by more than 242 million euros until 2028

Puy du Fou Spain has invested 183 million euros in the first phase of the park and there is creating 700 direct jobs and more than 1,000 indirect jobs. With this project, the company strengthens its commitment to its national projects, which include expansion of investment by more than 242 million euros until 2028 in the work to develop and improve the park.

In the current structure there are more than 85 arts and crafts (from tailors to architects, from animal keepers, security staff and swordsmith craftsmen). In addition, it is a great deal for regional talent since 80% of the workers are from Castilla-La Mancha.

Erwan de la Villéon, promoter and CEO

Toledo is the city chosen to expand the Puy du Fou project outside of France after studying other places in Europe. The company also values ​​its production in Italy and Austria, but the choice ofhis town of Castilian-La Mancha was chosen by Erwan de la Villéon, now CEO of Puy du Fou in Spainafter knowing the city more than six years ago.

de la Villeon personal supervision of all aspects of the park; Including the scripts of the show, which bear his signature. you orThe goal is to turn the park into a benchmark not only in the country, but also worldwide.. Now, it is already the most profitable amusement park in the world in the first year of opening. French, polyglot (he is bilingual in Spanish, German and English), promoter and CEO of Puy du Fou is a lover of history and literature and a well-known person of Spanish culture and artist movie.

History: the ruined castle of Puy du Fou

The history of the project dates back to 1977 when a student Philippe de Villiers, discovered the ruined castle of Puy du Fouin the La Vendée region, near Nantes (western France) Y create a nightly show around the history of this place. Since then, more than 40 years ago and Puy du Fou has become a unique art model in the world. Link to the History and the beauty of civilization, through historical drama, placed at the service of the audience and in a privileged environment of nature and plants.

After more than 40 years, Puy du Fou has become a unique art model in the world connected to History and the beauty of civilization, through historical performances.

The company defines itself as “a park that is designed to show all the senses for the whole family and all ages”. The creations are designed to be the best movies, presented with great sound and with special effects.

Now, Puy du Fou se has established itself around the world as a benchmark in lessons and sports. It has been chosen twice “Best Place in the World” (2012 and 2014) and “Best in Europe” (Visitors Award – Trip Advisor 2018, 2019 and 2020).

Established in 2010, Puy du Fou International also advises different sponsors on the creation of parks and theaters around the world follow the Puy du Fou model and consolidate the international development of Puy du Fou in the world.

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