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Whenever I go to a restaurant meat, or write about one, I like to start with the elements: accompaniments, sauces, wines, cocktails. I don’t know if it’s a general feeling, or just a personal mania, but I see that there we can see the differences that can make the visit better.

Of course, the cuts (T-bone, tomahawk, angus strip roast, wide steak, etc.) are the protagonists here, but so is the creaminess and generosity in the purées and pastas; what kind of sweets; and how much there is in the entrees. The more the ability, the more successful the experience.

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I recently stayed at the new location of La Cuadra de Salvador, located in Chacarilla and has been working since Thursday, August 18. Wide, tall, imposing. The first thing that welcomes the diner is the bar, commanded by the talented Renzo Amaya. Signature creations such as the serrano negroni (prepared with Matacuy distillate) or the Inka Colada (a variation on the piña colada, with elements of corn) show the place with the timeless classics and the stable cava .

In the menu of La Cuadra de Salvador there are also dishes with fish and fish. In front, a hot grilled octopus salad.

The terraces have become the focus of the restaurants and this is how the food is distributed, with menus designed for sharing. “Although it is true that LCDS has always been specialized in having good American meat,” explains Pedro Pablo Pazos, “in recent years we have tried to expand the ownership eight and add many dishes: pasta, lobsters, many entrees, such as nigiris entrails and salmon”, he added.

On Sundays there is pig roast, with sweet potatoes, house salad and pepper chutney (you need to reserve 48 hours in advance). The best recommendation is to leave the air and give free to your desire: there are enough options on the menu, and they don’t have to do with beef.

One and a half kilograms of grilled cowboy cut.  It can be combined with bone butter, pepper sauce, white truffle butter or demi-glace sauce.
One and a half kilograms of grilled cowboy cut. It can be combined with bone butter, pepper sauce, white truffle butter or demi-glace sauce.

Grill for all tastes

  • The Chacarilla location joins the Barranco and San Isidro locations. The cards in all three are, in principle, the same. Special staff, private dining rooms and open terraces mark the design of the restaurants of La Cuadra de Salvador. Chacarilla location also has an indoor parking lot for easy parking in the area.
  • Better to take? For more personalized information, ask about selling frozen treats to prepare at home. Among them, entrails, prime picaña, T-bone, tomahawk, rump tail and more.

More info:

Address: Av. Primavera 1053, San Borja.

Call: 973-755320

Instagram: @lacuadradesalvador

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