Have you tried a tuna or salmon burger yet?

The most famous hamburger in the world is the one sold in Bikini Bottom, in the Krusty Krab restaurant, by Mr. Krabs, in the world of imagination of the animated character SpongeBob. Those burgers of tuna, octopus, salmon or even catfish is increasingly conquering the palate of real life diners, who are looking for choices over beef or chicken, which dominate the market.


Santiago Isaza, from the restaurant Pesqueira, comments that the key to these preparations is to use fatty fish or those with high moisture content, such as farmed fish (for example, trout).

“I especially like to make mixed fish, because they can be very dry. I recommend using salmon or trout belly with other meats with texture, to percentage​​​​ of more moisture and fat”, says Mejía, who agrees that each type of fish lends itself to preparation and mentions the most important thing is the fish. is new.

His recommendation is to make them breaded and marinate them with wine or beer so that they have a good creaminess.

Ximena González Dávila, director of the El Corral Gourmet chain, added that the best thing is to use fish with few bones.

“The hamburgers made with this protein can have fish mixed with other ingredients,” although he notes that El Corral they respect it, in their case, tuna and salmon.

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As with meat, which can be served almost raw or cooked according to the taste of the dining table, the same thing happens with fish. “The time of the grill will depend on what you are looking for (1/4, 1/2 or 3/4),” said chef Isaza.

Another choice of seafood that works very well for burgers is shellfish, because they have a high percentage of fat, such as shrimp, prawns, and crabs. “If you chop them and mix them together, they not only give texture to the bite, but also fat, which I repeat, is important in a hamburger,” said Pesqueira the expert Professional.

The white fish, they recommend at El Corral, must be done, but not reach a very dry state. “Cooking will depend on the customer’s taste and time according to the thickness and size of each fish”.

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Regarding the reception that this proposal has in the city, from El Corral they confirmed that these options have gained a lot of energy, “looking into the account of the reduction of red meat. They also represents an alternative with a lower cost and a difference.”

Already in the city there is a chain that specializes in selling these options, among them Submarino Express, where they not only sell hamburgers, but also dogs, sandwiches and fish chips. There are also options with crab.

Santiago Isaza explains that even today, despite the demand for this protein, it is a risk for restaurants to have a wide menu of these preparations, because ” change” is not very high.

If you haven’t tried them yet, try SpongeBob’s fish burger. It’s a growing trend

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