Gipsy Chef’s Hooligan Burger Recipe

In the kitchen, the burgers They are the food that everyone always likes. Whether he is rich taste or for his size versatilityThis food is suitable for the public and inside Spain Direct we found one medicine there are no precedents.

Cheese, tomatoes, avocado or two are some of the many ingredients that make them but… Have you seasoned you Burger with cinnamon the zest lemon? Those Gipsy Chef’s thug burger recipe will show you that this combination is possible and, in addition, back.

Direct Spain – Gipsy Chef’s hooligan hamburger

To rich hamburger step by step

  • What to cook meat you really need some 300 grams of minced beef that you will crash a little.
  • Add Salt in scale and grate many shells of lemon.
  • It also adds a lot cilantro finely chopped, even if you are not a fan of this fragrance don’t worry, you can replace it with other things like parsley.
  • Sprinkle a touch of cinnamon and draw with a knife a half of meat
  • When divided, mold a hole in the middle of the two halves and place a buds of eggs in one of them.
  • Along with cleargrab it and put it on the edges of the meat and then put half of the hamburger on top of the other.
  • sue on both sides and keep.
  • a good side dish

Those Garrison This hooligan hamburger is prepared by combining a few Cherry tomatoes in a saucepan. Add Liquid glue chopped and a good hand of capers. Click the juice medium lemon in the saucepan and add salt, cumin and ground pepper. To give the final touch, add a plane of beer.

With the ingredients ready, we go with the garnish to the jewelry or shine. If your grill doesn’t have a lid, you can cover it with aluminum foil.

Gipsy Chef’s Hooligan Burger Recipe RTVE

the last touch

Go back and take the meat you saved and throw it away add virgin olive oil on both sides rubbing well. Later 5 minuteswith the garnish already cooked, put on Burger on the stove or oven. The kitchen 3 minutes on the other hand 3 minutes for others.

When the meat is on the fire, cut off the excess cilantro very good, and later 6 minutesremoved Burger for the plate with it Garrison and add to this a tablespoon of rice mustard and chopped coriander.

Gipsy Chef’s Hooligan Burger Recipe RTVE

For more information burger recipestry those portobello burgerthose salmon burger with grilled carrot wave fast good hamburger.

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