How to make burgers in the air fryer

air fryers They have become a daily staple in the kitchen. It is one of the gadgets most wanted, helpful and healthy. They allow the food to be cooked with very little oil and thus avoid the excess oil of the traditional fryer.

The air fryer has shown that with it we can enjoy all kinds of food in their most healthy and fast way. these products Fry with air and a little (yes, a little) oil.

And they do everything…almost everything. For example, hamburgers. What can we do?

First, preheat the fryer. It is recommended for almost all plans because this tool is not as fast as many believe. In the case of hamburger, preheat the air fryer Bake for 5 minutes at 180º.

Now we put the hamburger in the basket a few drops of oil that we can spread it all over the place (yes, it is very possible to have a spray).

When to add bacon?

We close the basket, we control the temperature at 180º and let it cook for 10 minutes. Halfway through, we take out the burger and turn it over.

By then the meat will be cooked. Then, with reference, we will go catch the pointer to our fryerdepending on whether we like the meat small or well done.

Yes we will add to our hamburger cheese and bacon you should choose when adding it in the basket We put the bacon when we turn the meat and cheese in the last 2 minutes.

It’s just in the hamburger-bacon-cheese in one bread of hamburger, which we will spread with mustard; Add onion, tomato, lettuce, etc.; done with ketchup or tomato sauce; closed… and fun.

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