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In August, farm cattle slaughter reached 1.23 million head. Adjusted by working days, the level of activity in the industry showed significant monthly and year-on-year increases (+6.3% and +3.2%, respectively), ranking as the 7th best most August of forty-three last. year.

The participation of women in the slaughtering of livestock is at the lower limit of the period that is similar to the care of cattle stocks (43.4%), a figure slightly lower than that recorded registered in August last year.

In the first eight months of the year, a total of 8.83 million head of cattle were killed, that is, 3.1% more than in January-August 2021 (+ 264.1 thousand head). With the return agreement in August, the level of work for January-August 2022 has also been restored, reaching the 17th place of forty-three years ago. And compared to the average for the same period from 1980-2021, it is also 2.3% higher.

Beef production totaled 289 thousand tons of bone-in beef (tn r / c / h) in August of the current year. When corrected by working days, compared with the production of July, an increase of 6.1% was observed. Meanwhile, between August 2021 and August 2022, production increased by 3.8%, mainly driven by the growth of slaughter and to a lesser extent by the increase in average weight .

In January-August 2022, 2,049 million tn r / c / h of beef was produced, that is, 4.5% more than a year ago. Meanwhile, the average weight is 232 kilos per head and is 1.4% higher than the average registered in January-August 2021.

Regarding exports, we estimate that in January-August of the current year, 587.0 thousand tons r / c / h of beef were certified, that is, 9.4% more than the first eight months of 2021 (+ 50.3 thousand tons r. /c/h). Therefore, the internal absorption will have increased to 1.462 million tons of beef / fw / h, a volume that will be 2.6% higher than registered last year (+ 37.4 thousand tons of bovine meat / hour).

In terms of per capita consumption, in August 2022 the twelve month moving average is 47.0 kg / year. In a year-to-year comparison, it was 0.4% lower (-0.2 kg/inhabitant/year) and, at the same time, it was 7.6% lower than the figure for August 2019.

In August, the price of prime beef cuts increased slightly. Although there is no decline than occurred in July, they are still far from the character of the general level of the GBA Consumer Price Index prepared by INDEC.

The general level of CPI-GBA increased by 7.0% per month in August and, in this way, was 79.1% higher than the level of August 2021. As we indicated in the Notes ago, the annual change of the IPC-GBA. is the highest of the last thirty years.

Roast meat and minced meat registered a monthly increase of 0.3%, which in the case of the shoulder is 0.5% and in the case of the butt is 0.8%. Only the rump showed a higher increase (1.7%). Meanwhile, frozen hamburgers continue to travel in a fast lane, with a monthly increase of 10.4% in August. And in the price of chicken it has increased by 3.5% per month.

When comparing the average price of August 2022 with August of last year, all meat cuts research continues to increase at a lower price than the level of the CPI. The price of one kilo of roast increased 63.2%, that of minced meat increased 68.1%, of the shoulder, 60.3%, the buttock, 62.0%, and the buttock, 61, 4%. In contrast, the price of a box of frozen hamburgers far exceeds the level of the IPC, since it registered an increase of 93.3% in the last twelve months. For its part, the price of chicken also showed a higher increase than that of cut meat and even higher than the level of the CPI, up to 91.5% a year.

Finally, between February 2020, which is the last month before the isolation, and August 2022, when the general period of the CPI has increased 3.06 times, the average beef cut by INDEC has increased 3.4 times. The value of the shoulder is the one that has increased the most (+ 250.4%; 4.3% monthly equivalent), followed by the buttocks (+ 244.5%), the buttocks (+ 240.7%) and trunks (239.8%). Meanwhile, the price of minced meat registered an increase of 232.9% in the average month. For its part, the price of box frozen hamburgers is still rising (+ 191.1%; 3.6% equivalent monthly), despite the speed it has seen in the last six months. And in the case of all chicken, the average price has increased by 250.7% in eighteen months (4.3% equivalent monthly).

Source: CICCRA

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