Courteney Cox gives you the recipe for the most ‘Friends’ hamburger

Courtney Cox set to get out of confinement will cook too Monica Geller, the character she brought to life friends. Even if it goes through Chef in the famous NBC series, which just came back to life thanks to the premiere of Friends: ReunionCox had a problem still in the kitchen… But it was all over MasterChef. During the most difficult months of the epidemic, we are used to seeing the most domestic, generous and sometimes useful things of our famous people: like Cristina Pedroche cheesecakewhich has already received us out of more than one jam, hundreds of recipes and tricks written in our Instagram feed … And they are welcome!

the same thing: this summer, star bowl of our cautious and neutral meetings will be Courteney Cox’s Turkey Burger (which, in turn, borrowed the recipe from Jen O’Toole, a cook from Los Angeles). A great dish Laura Dern He had the luxury of trying it and, judging by the photos, he loved it.

Always eat the same thing and are looking for a way to show off easily and quickly? Write and learn how to prepare a hamburger in the purest ‘Friends’ stylefor fans of food or series.

Courteney Cox Turkey Burger Courteney Cox Turkey Burger meat
Ingredients Preparation
  • Between half a kilo and a kilo of minced turkey meat
  • An onion
  • A tablespoon of cumin
  • Two large poblano peppers (or three small ones)
  • two eggs
  • Salt
  • Cheddar cheese and seasonings to taste
  1. The first thing is to roast the peppers on the grill, in a pan or in the oven until they are well toasted, and carefully remove the seeds and the skin (something that will be easier if that we let them sweat in a closed box or in a plastic bag).
  2. Then we cut it into thin strips and then into cubes. Meanwhile, dice the onion and sauté to caramelize until translucent.
  3. When we prepare the vegetables, we prepare a bowl with minced meat, two eggs, cumin, salt and pepper and onions that we have cooked, and knead with our hands until we have the perfect hamburger.
  4. To make sure we hit the sweet spot, Courteney Cox wants us to slow down and do a burger test. In this recipe, the most important thing is in the mix!
  5. After that, we can change it as we like (although, if we are fans of cheese, it is recommended that we add a few pieces of cheddar cheese after the grill).

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