RobeGrill shows us how to prepare grilled LAMB burgers with California Raisins

wow wow! We are opening and this Thursday in “A la Parrilla” with RobeGrillthose chef and influencer, tell us how to prepare delicious grilled lamb burger, an option that we are sure will become one of your favorite foods. But this recipe will not be like traditional medicine, because it will have a secret meaning, which we are sure can change everything: California Raisins.

Those California Raisins is one of the points that, as strange as this may seem, will cause together sweet and salty have different meanings in your life. Remember that cooking is about mixing, leaving the traditional, and there is nothing better for this than things like California Raisins. And remember, if you make a recipe, don’t forget to share it in your social network and tag us in your feed, we love to see them.

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