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From breakfast to dinner. And always with the utmost caution and care of a business that has earned its reputation. Three years ago the recognition of Cafeteria Sonríe, located on Calle Señor de Bembibre in León, reached the point of making it a regular place, from which they used many of their breakfasts to start day on the right and on the right. with energy until they wait for mid-morning or, as appropriate, in the afternoon to taste the extra nutrition of the dishes. Snacks are another of Cafeteria Sonríe’s strong points, as is dinner, the time required by customers.

From eight in the morning to eleven in the evening, and from Monday to Saturday, the doors of this business are wide open, also provide a beautiful place to make your stay more comfortable and useful. This close experience and treatment is an important part of the place which, in addition to the bar area, has a large dining room. For complete service.
Breakfast with various coffees, infusions or juices, don’t forget brioches, donuts, Yogurt or Milk Bowls, Açai Bowl, oatmeal pancakes … and other homemade pastries ( such as the famous Carrot cake) or smoothies together with other dishes more. , such as food tortillas (the specialty of meat cured with goat cheese) has many possibilities for customers who decide, and often repeat, try delicacies such as the famous white chocolate and pistachio sponge cake.

The Brunch also has a reputation in Catefería Sonríe for customers who are not very early risers or those who join breakfast with lunch. And don’t forget about the food, an hour that has an extensive menu and increases with salads, oatmeal arepas with Iberian meat, hamburgers, salmon, nachos …

And still able to take it home. For all tastes and possibilities.

The famous white chocolate and pistachio cake. MIGUEL FB
Facade of Sonríe, a used site. MIGUEL FB

Smile Coffee, Brunch & Food. Calle Señor de Bembibre 16. León. Phone: 647057416. Instagram: @sonrie_leon

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