5 tricks to make a hamburger out of 10

We ourselves can make a healthier meal than many restaurants that claim to have gourmet burgers. When we cook a fast burger at home, the truth is that we don’t put much effort into it. bad for us, because choose the right ingredients and follow a few rules idea can we get 10 burger. Instead of resorting to deliveryGuess and make your own hamburger according to our instructions.

1. How to make hamburgers at home with minced meat, better than those from the supermarket

Although the fastest way is to go to the supermarket and grab a package of ready-made hamburgers, the best way is to make them from scratch at home. Not only will you have full control over the composition of the album, but you can put your own touch on it and it will taste better.

Tell your butcher to get a good cut of beef, veal or whatever animal you like and get ready to get your hands dirty at home. Yes, the meat should not be lean at all, it should have a good percentage of fat so that the hamburgers are juicy.. Add all your favorite spices and you can think of: pepper, salt, paprika, ground garlic, ground onion… Your imagination is the limit. To dress a hamburger at home, the most important thing is creativity.

Knead and mix well all the meat with spices and add an egg yolk. Keep kneading until you have a homogeneous hamburger dough and let it rest in the refrigerator for a few hours. When you take it out you will have a perfect cookie dough. Just create it and remove the discs of the size and thickness that you like the most.

It is better to make our own meat discs from scratch than to buy them already prepared

2. The secret is to choose a good bread and bake it a little

We did not ask you to make your own hamburger bun at home as we did with meat, because it seems too much for us. However, if you feel that way, try it.

Information, again, instead of buying some standard food, go to a nearby bakery and buy a good brioche or rustic bread muffin, which already depends on your preference. A good hamburger should hold the meat, its juices and other ingredients without falling apart. For this reason, we cannot skimp on expenses and we have to go for good bread.

When preparing it, we just have to cut it in half, spread a little butter on each side and brown it in the pan. The result will surprise you.

There is nothing better than a good brioche bread bought in a restaurantThere is nothing better than a good brioche bread bought in a restaurant

3. How to leave melted cheese for burgers

Now we are going to give you a little trick that you will thank us for in the future. Instead of adding the cheese while assembling and letting it melt a little from the rest of the burger, follow the instructions below to put all the cheese and wrap around the disk.

If you cook in a pan, when you turn the meat, put cheese on top. Now comes the trick, when you are about to take it out, cover the pan with a lid for a few minutes. Raise it and you will see amazing results.

Of course, you need to manage the time depending on your favorite part of the meat. The normal thing is to put the cheese 20 seconds before removing the hamburger, but if you like it less, put it as soon as you turn it, since we put the lid on the Hamburger will make a little inside.

With our trick you can melt your favorite cheese and make the perfect hamburgerWith our trick you can melt your favorite cheese and make the perfect hamburger

4. How to make crispy baked bacon very easily

Crispy bacon is one topping who can become gods and demons. If it’s raw it will make our burger, but if it’s crispy you still want to eat it yourself.

To make bacon you don’t need to use a frying pan, so you won’t need Captain America’s shield to protect yourself from the oil fire. Put the bacon on a tray lined with foil and put it in the oven preheated to 200ºC.. In just 6 or 7 minutes you will have the perfect bacon.

Making crispy bacon or pancetta is easier than you think.Making crispy bacon or pancetta is easier than you think.

5. Our special sauce on top of a 10-pound hamburger

Instead of using the classic combination of ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard, give the burger a little life by making a special sauce. We have a very simple recipe Big Mac that makes you want to eat it by the spoon.

It is very easy to do, you will not need to put anything on the fire. You just need to mix the ingredients: ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, chopped pickles, chopped onion and garlic powder. So you will have a sweet and sour sauce that will be perfect with the meat.

With our sauce you will have the perfect hamburgerWith our sauce you will have the perfect hamburger

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