These are the calories in hamburger, the queen of fast food

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Those Burger It is one of the most popular snacks in the world cuisine, not because its price is exorbitant, but because in most it means. calorie bomb which should not be done normally in good health. However, the understanding of the king of fast food has changed in Spain, where 70% of people are considered to be food. eat foodas shown by research by Unilever Food Solutions and the Spanish Hospitality Federation (FEHR).

Hamburger is a sandwich made from minced meat agglutinated in the shape of a fillet and cooked in the grill or grilled, preferably, although it can be fried or baked. It is combined with light baking and with additional vegetables such as tomatoes, onions and lettuce, as well as dressing based on sauces such as ketchup and mustard, etc. toppings that can be added as well to blame for the many calories of a dish that has more history than we think.

In fact, the Roman patricians were licking their lips over a type of hamburger that was later recorded in the history of Mongol and Turkish tribes in the 14th century, who minced strips of meat from cows that are not good enough to make them eatable. The food is well-received inside 19th century German and, in fact, from the city of Hamburg – the largest port in Europe at the time – its name comes from. The Germans who immigrated to the United States took that map with them became a symbol of American food in the 20th century, when McDonald’s in the 1940s and Burger King took it upon themselves to expand throughout the world.

How many calories are in hamburgers?

As we said, the increased calories from hamburger it has more features with additions and accompaniments than with the recipe itself. Also the quality of the ingredients is important here. Therefore, The healthy thing is what you do at home with selected products and control of fat and added sugar. It is important to know that we can pass with onions, lettuce, tomatoes or pickles, but not with ketchup and other sauces, and it will be a healthy and balanced again if we choose whole bread instead of toast.

Also, we need to know that with it with soft drinks and chips is not recommended if we want to control our food. As predicted by Luis Alberto Zamora and Alberto Herrera in their book Eating is easy if you know how (Planeta, 2021), the fattening hamburger is one with bacon and cheese, because it gives some 787 calories. Also, if it goes to two cheeseburger We added a portion of chips and non-alcoholic drinks Lights, can reach 1,150 kilocalories.

Among the least caloric is a quarter pound of meat, with 668 kilocalories; two meat burger with 521 kilocalories; chicken burger that adds 440 kilocalories, and finally the simple hamburger, which is only combined with cheese, and provides 305 kilocalories. However, their nutritional profile does not make them attractive for health and we should save them for special occasions: They provide few interesting nutrients and most of their calories come from sugar and saturated fat, related to heart disease.

What is a healthy hamburger?

Healthy burger It is something that we can make at home with good ingredientsstart with the meat, which should be chosen if a believe in butchers and, if possible, stung by ourselves. From Cocinillas they agree that it is a mixture of 80-85% boneless meat and the rest as fresh pork meat or jowls, which we can make salty, liquid pepper, parsley and olive oil.

As for the bread, they agree a bakery bun to taste, competition and consistency, even if it can be done at home. Those cheese should be melted, which wraps the meat but without much fat, such as cheddar, gouda, edam or havarti. The remaining vegetables go through good tomatoes with smooth and tasty flesh, raw onion rings that can be kept for a while before in water with salt and sugar so that they lose their smell, and green vegetables new. The sauce is usually ketchup, barbecue sauce, mustard or mayonnaise, but we already know we should not abuse them and choose them with the least amount of responsibility.

From here on, all the classic add-ons like the Bacon, grilled eggs or loin will do nothing but add calories to the whole thing. When the ingredients have been chosen, first we have to prepare the large meat and make a portion of the same size, which we brush with olive oil and put on the griddle very hot. The cooking time will depend on the thickness and the point we like, but for 2 centimeters it is enough to make them three minutes on each side without turning them dizzy. When done, we will put it on the bread next to the food that comes with it and bon appetit!

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