The best supermarket burgers

When choosing in our purchase hamburgers better to eat, we must pay attention since the store sells beef hamburgers usually contains up to twice the fat than other types of meat. So, OCU made a comparison of 16 types of beef burgers, fresh from the tray, so when choosing one or the other we have more information and useful food.

Components of beef burgers

For starters, almost none of the hamburgers displayed in stores have ground beef as the only ingredient. In fact, it can be said that usually they do not contain 100% minced meat, but they are meat preparations: minced meat with added food, seasonings or additives. In hamburgers analyzed by OCU They all have additives. and products such as onion, soybean, rice, corn, pepper, sugar in the form of dextrose, glucose, lactose and salt have been found.

In addition, there is another type of meat preparation, called Burger Meatwhich contain at least 4% cereals or vegetables, so they are allowed to have sulfites as preservatives.

Comparison between hamburgers

OCU developed 3 tests in its laboratory to determine the quality of the 16 hamburgers tested:

  1. Collagen/Protein ratio: If the meat is minced with a lot of muscle, it will have a lot of collagen, making the product not good. OCU clearly states that the difference in quality with this is very large among all the hamburgers examined.
  2. More calcium: the separation of meat is completely prohibited because of the mad cow problem. For this reason, high calcium levels will indicate that the separation process is being followed. In that conclusion, none of the analyzes showed this disadvantage.
  3. Make sure they are beef: Using the PCR technique, OCU was able to determine that different types of meat were mixed in one of the hamburgers.

Another comparison that the brand made was 16 hamburgers versus beef steak. The results, on average, make them more than twice as fat as steaks, less protein and more salt in comparison.

Which is the best?

For tasters, a good hamburger must have at least one series of characteristics, which are the red color when it is raw, the characteristic quality, color and flavor of the cooked meat when we are in the time that time and there is juice and competition in the language..

In this way, after testing in the laboratory and because of its quality / price, for OCU the best beef burger in the ranking is Oak of Humienta (€ 8.19 / kg). On the other hand, the worst debt is the one Lidl Friesian Breed (€ 6.04 / kg), because of its poverty of proteins and its high value in collagen, in addition to the fact that it presents some hygiene problems.

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