The 3 ‘S’ of innovation at Emcesa: Safety, Sustainability and Health

Emcesa adapts to the needs of its customers, innovates in the main frame with significant investment in R & D & i

In marriage, at the beginning the commitment is included in the person who follows the results of adjustment to the taste and needs. But what if over time, the couple changes differently? The answer is yes, one has to adapt to the new era or what promises to be a beautiful story is abandoned.

This also happens with the customer, who evolves and what at first is not important in his life, is the most important. Therefore, it is necessary to adapt to new times and standards and, in this sense, for years Emcee does a great job always thinking about its customers.

And it was that innovationorn do a the foundation for the company, to be important capitalorn in R + D + i. In this way, the modification of the processes and the improvement of their processes are focused on three important points:

Security. The facility has the most advanced technology in the industry. All the investments that have been made confirm Emcesa as one of the most innovative meat companies in the industry, allowing it to guarantee its customers the most demanding and safety standards food. In addition, Emcesa has the IFS Food (International Featured Standards Food) certificate, which it has held since 2012, which is an important opportunity for the company, which will help improve its processes and reduce production risks.

Sustainability. The emcee saw commit to the environmentincluded Using technology to reduce the impact on the environment using packaging that preserves and respects the environment and natural resources. Also, Emcesa did Confirmed by Ecoembes for it helps to protect the environment as well saving of 150 t of CO2 The balance in 2021 thanks to the recycling of its packaging, which is not insignificant.

Eat well. Emcesa has in its portfolio a line of products without preservatives or dyes where it gets difficult balance between the durability of the product and the most natural elaboration. Marinated strip of loin, minced beef and pork or chicken and turkey, pork, chicken or yellow chicken burgers, fresh white sausage, black rice pudding for all tastes, such as burgos rice and Iberian rice, or black onion pudding are some of the good things that can be found in this category and that They will delight every dish and palate.

Finally, the truth Emcesa commitment to move to mas safe, stable and healthyall this is always in the motto The mathe best on your table.

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