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Stuffed lamb legs


Pachi Larrosa

Ingredients: 2 lamb skins; pitted green olives; pork fat; Pinions; Raisins; 1 bunch of Swiss chard; 2 cloves of garlic; Half a glass of white wine; Thyme; Salt; Pepper; Oil; 1 glass of white wine; 3 medium potatoes; Chicken

We will start by massaging the meat with a little bit of pork fat; then we salt and pepper the outside and the inside and keep it.

Put the chopped onions in a frying pan together with the pine nuts and sauté carefully so they don’t get discolored. Add the chard to the pan and sauté until they reduce their volume. We also add sliced ​​olives and raisins to the sauté. With this we write the legs. We also introduce in each sprig of fresh rosemary. We tie them with twine to keep their shape and put them in the oven bathed in wine and some potatoes cut into large wedges. Bake at 220 degrees for 20 minutes. Then we go down to 160 (eyes, depending on the oven) and we have another 60 minutes. During the process we see that it does not dry out and we add hot broth. During the work, we will return the juice from the place, if necessary we will reduce them a little and we will collect the meat with them.

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