healthy hamburgers to enjoy for a good dinner (or lunch)

Every time there is a yellow sign in Mercadona, with a few exclamations and magic words (new) It is common to see many people wondering what the company Juan Roig has brought new this time.

But also two good indicators to evaluate the success of the product is its sales volume, but also the opinions of users through social media. There is no information on the first yet, but on the second we can assure you that it has been successful. And the best thing is that one and the other go hand in hand.

Mercadona has done it again. It already has a variety of hamburgers, from the most expensive to enjoy the quality of meat, to the classic of a lifetime, with cheese, with spices … But also fish. In fact, when hake and salmon are out, it is a revolution.

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But now the Valencian supermarket is upping the ante with a new one that has collected opinions such as: “It’s not good, it’s great”, “I tried them and they’re great” or “they are addicted”. Also, one of the funniest things is that they are suitable for celiac because they do not contain gluten.

Now, it is true that there are words from people who he didn’t trust them that much for having almost 8 grams of sugar per 100 grams of product and for the use of refined sunflower oil. Now, it has only 143 kcal, making it a good choice for dinner.

We are talking about hake (57%) and king prawn (17%) burgers, which bring together two of the healthiest and most beneficial products in the market which is still ideal for children to eat fish.

In the package, it costs anything €2.95 It, there are two hamburgers, each of them 120 grams, so the total weight is 240 grams. It is available on the trays and complete the fish shelves that are found next to the fish section of the Mercadona supermarket.

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