Can I have burgers during the meal?

If you ever thought you could have burgers while on a diet, the answer is yes! But not all burgers are worth… If you are thinking about the ones that come from fast food, forget it. With that alone you can consume up to 900 calories at a time!

Homemade burgers, if you can

  • Better to do it yourself. The processed method may have too much oil and salt, but if you make burgers at home you can control the quantity and quality of the ingredients. For example, when buying meat, choose what you want (one with little fat) and ask for it minced. And to reduce even more fat, make chicken or turkey burgers.
  • Sauces and extras. Instead of ketchup or mayonnaise, use tomato puree, Dijon mustard, homemade hummus or guacamole. If you want cheese, make it fat-free, but it’s better to replace it with vegetables. And instead of fries, let them bake or salad.
  • And what about the bread? If you can, do it all. Or it’s better to eat half of it. You can present the burger on a bed of vegetables or serve on two tomatoes or two lettuce leaves.
beef burger with tomato pickles

Anatomy of the perfect burger

Yes, a self-respecting hamburger should be round, but always keep the appropriate size. That is to say that it weighs about 80-100 g or, if you want to use more visible, which is no bigger than the size of your hand excluding the fingers. And, of course, that it has a layer of meat.

veggie alternative

Veggie burgers are often offered less calories and fat than burgers and, on the other hand, they have a lot of fiber. But be careful with those that are already prepared and packaged; Just because they are vegetarian doesn’t mean they are healthy. They often contain unhealthy ingredients and lots of additives and salt. And if you don’t know a recipe, try us omelette burgers with peas and vegetables.

Tips: less meat, more vegetables

A good way to reduce the fat and calories from your hamburgers (and, incidentally, reduce the amount of meat, which is better) is replace part of the meat you used to cook with vegetables (yellow, mushrooms, carrots…). Also, this way they will be more juicy.

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