What does Queen Elizabeth II like to eat?

With 70 years on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning monarch in British history. Throughout his career, many chefs and cooks prepared him almost religiously same recipe. So it’s convincing Darren McGrady, ib who was the private chef of the royal family for 15 years, and who taught the king his favorite dishes.. Images: Adobe Stock, Unsplash and Pixabay.

It should be noted that it is not the same person to share similar information: the author Bryan Kozlowskiin his book Long live the king! make sure that the queen sees food as a means of building strength. So many of He loved the same food since he was a child.

Earl Gray Darjeeling and snacks

Here is Queen Elizabeth II’s first meal of the day: tea Earl Gray Darjeeling with a little milk, no sugar and some sweet cookies. Recreating this classic is easy because the chef also shows that the Huntley and Palmer Olivers Chocolate Cookiesare those the king likes. Also, Twinings has been the main supplier to the British Empire since 1837.

Queen Elizabeth II starts her day with tea

A company spokesperson shared four constants to brewing the perfect cup of tea: heat the pot with hot water and discard the first liquid. After that, cold water heater to boiling point and immediately pour it over the cup with tea. Now, it should Wait four minutes to remove the infuser. Remember! Only as far as possible add milk and sugar.

for breakfast

Two breakfasts Queen Elizabeth II drawer pick and they are easier than you think. The first one is a Cereal bowl with seasonal fruit: If they are strawberries, even better. The second is a bit daring: scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. A combination We all really need to try.

afternoon tea

Katie Nicholl, The official biography of the royal family, shows that the Afternoon tea is an unbreakable habit for Queen Elizabeth II. Usually, these snacks are available small cucumber sandwich with cream cheese and mint, fruitcakes and lots of Earl Grey. It was at this time, when McGrady used to prepare it jam penniessmall Scottish strawberry jam sandwiches that the Queen has loved since she was a baby.

Sandwiches for afternoon tea of ​​Queen Elizabeth II

During lunch and dinner

When it comes to food, Queen Elizabeth II he likes the simple. So, eat normally They prepare fish or chicken on the stove for him. For example, sole or salmon, with spinach and zucchini. That’s right: try it Avoid flour at all costs. In fact, According to chef Darren, hamburgers without buns, and with cranberry sauce instead of tomatoes, are one of his favorite recipes.

Queen Elizabeth II food

the sweet side

Chocolate is one of the most popular of Queen Elizabeth II and only some chocolatiers and companies in the world can create pieces for it. Charbonnel and Walker is one of the companies and it is founded in London in 1875. Accordingly the chief chocolatier of the company, Adam Lee, the king loves truffles with some floral notes.

However, when it comes to sweets, Queen Elizabeth II likes strawberries or peaches grown at Balmoral Castle or in the greenhouse at Windsor Castle.

And… What did Queen Elizabeth II choose to bake?

Gordon’s Gin Y Dubonnet Rougewith 1:2 ratio, two glasses of ice and a slice of Eureka lemon. That’s right the ideal combination to Queen Elizabeth II when she arrived Enjoy a drink before lunch. Apparently, This cocktail is a classic, accordingly his mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, wife of King George VI, took it regularly.

But what is Dubbonnet? It is one French fortified spiced wine, with a sweet and aromatic flavor, which existed in 1846. Here We tell you about other drinks that Queen Elizabeth II also drinks.

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