Turkey and foie cannelloni, a recipe to take advantage of the Christmas section in the main street

Those turkey and foie cannelloni They are a good idea to take advantage of the leftovers of Christmas to eat in a big way, with two bases that you have prepared for sure. You can change the recipe for what you put in the refrigerator, it can’t be turkey, it also helps us with chicken or sirloin leftovers that are always left behind. If you want to be satisfied while giving yourself pleasure without throwing it away, add a little foie, it will make a passion for all kinds of meat. Enjoy trying the best turkey and foie cannelloni in history.


  • 200 g of minced meat or pork.
  • Bechamel sauce
  • 75 ml plant
  • 2 garlic
  • 1 tomato
  • 250 g turkey meat
  • 30 gr
  • 160 g grated cheese
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • How to prepare turkey and foie cannelloni

    1. Yes Turkey and foie cannelloni recipe It is best the day after a party, we take advantage of the meat and prepare a dish with the things we have in the fridge.
    2. We have hand at work peel and chop the onionwe can make them better.
    3. In one pan with a splash of oil put onionwe let it brown a little before arriving at the tomatoes.
    4. While the onion is browning, peel and grate the tomato so it is combined with onions in a delicious homemade sauce.
    5. Give turkey or chicken flavor and juicinesswe will put some minced meat, we can make better use of the hamburgers that we keep in the fridge.Turkey and foie cannelloni, a recipe to take advantage of the Christmas section in the main street
    6. If we don’t have it minced meat we add a lot of foie. Add the meat and foie to the base of onions and tomatoes that we have on the fire.
    7. Season to taste and add turkey or chicken with a splash of cognac to make it different.
    8. When the alcohol evaporates and the filling is finished we eat the bechamelwe put a few tablespoons of butter or oil and the same amount of flour.
    9. when these both ingredients work well togetherWe put a little milk, we adjust salt and pepper when we have thick fish.
    10. Fill the pasta with meat cannelloni. Place the bechamel sauce and grated cheese on top of the turkey and foie cannelloni.
    11. Bake au gratin for about 5 minutes and we enjoyed the easy-to-prepare homemade food that we used to use up Christmas leftovers.

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