This is the menu of the Dabiz Muñoz food truck that will open soon in Murcia

Two hamburgers from the GoXO food truck in Alicante.

The menu at Alicante consists of two hamburgers, fries, three desserts and two alcoholic drinks

The truth Murcia

Countdown to enjoy Dabiz Muñoz hamburgers in Murcia. The GoXO truck is already installed on Avenida de la Libertad in Murcia and will soon be open to customers. The establishment of one of the best chefs in the world, which is looking for chefs, has not yet opened its doors. But, while there is no guarantee that the menu will include anything new in the capital of the Region, the menus of other cities such as Alicante already have some hints of food that can taste.

The Dabiz Muñoz hamburger is available at GoXO for 15.50 euros and is two aged beef with two types. One option has cheddar cheese, chipotle mayonnaise, chifera sauce (Chinese-Peruvian) and puffed rice. Another possibility from the winner of three Michelin stars is to finish it with gouda cheese with creamy yakisoba noodles with pepper from around the world, miso and black truffle perigourdine sauce. In addition, the burgers come with fries with jalapeño-lime alioli and XO brava sauce, at a discount of 4.50 euros.

The nutritional goodness of GoXO’s food doesn’t end there. There is also a temptation for those who love sweets. There are three dessert dishes after the hamburger. One is creamy mascarpone flan with Jamaican pepper toffee whipped foam with crispy miso and lemon meringues. The menu also includes La Pedroche cake, made with fresh and Parmesan cheese, toasted butter cookies and Sichuan pepper. And XO waffle, dipped in dark chocolate, creamy yogurt and coconut, salted caramel sauce and crispy pineapple.

Two exotic cocktails complete the menu at the GoXO food truck. Dabiz Muñoz created a Japanese mohito with sake, yuzu, white rum and fresh green shiso leaves. Another new idea is the Thai mezcal margarita with jalapeños, lemongrass, triple sec, green lime and kaffir lime.

The menu at the GoXO food truck in Alicante.

In the last stretch to be able to open its doors, Dabiz Muñoz is looking for chefs to join the new establishment in Murcia, as announced in his social networks. To complete the job, you must send a resume to the email

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