They sell horse meat in hamburgers and milanesas in Santa Rosa and Toay

Members of a family are accused before the Justice of killing horses to, with their meat, make and sell hamburgers and milanesas in Toay and Santa Rosa. There are three brothers.

The police led four raids this Wednesday in Toay, in the house of the same family. The attack was carried out by the staff from the Military Investigation of the Regional Office I, under the supervision of the Director Horacio Cabrillana.

Suppose, they buy the horses “for the box” – that is, throw them away – and then kill them. They sell, for example, a kilo of milanesa for 350 pesos, at least three times less than the price of beef in the grocery store.

“They have an open air conditioner. They killed in the outskirts of Toay and then moved the meat to a house on Moreno Street”a police source told Diario Textual.

“There is one person accused and two warned in freedom, all brothers, according to law 817, of meat products, and from 14,346, of animal abuse, because the horse being hacked to death,” they added.

They stole some 500 kg of meat of horses. “A part made in Milanese and hamburgers,” they said.

They also confiscated saws, machines and refrigerators. Also, four guns.

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