The way to eat to see the West Coast of the United States

Those large sur. Those Highway 1. Los Angeles, San Francisco or Santa Barbara. is some stop one of the most powerful exercises there is, is one that runs along the American West Coast. A trip that is mostly done by car and that allows you to stop at iconic points such as photogenic Bixby Bridge or Point Lobos in Carmel of the Seawhere there is a natural reserve of sea lions.

If it is important to know all these requests, it is also important to know where it is appropriate to eat. Here are our recommendations:

San Francisco, gastronomic mecca

California’s northernmost city, it’s also one of its most exciting. And not only for its many attractions, such as the iconic Golden Gate Bridge or Alcatraz prison, but because there is an interesting gastronomic scene there.

There are not a few chefs who have lived in the city and succeeded. Events like Michael Tusk and his restaurant Fifteen or of well, Corey Lee’s Asian temple, both of which received three Michelin stars, not to mention Joshua Skenes’ kitchen fire in Season.

The city sports the best panorama with haute cuisine. But the price, if we compare them with good restaurants in Spain, is very high. That is why we will show you other options, equally excellent at a cheaper price.

A wonderful thought indeed Abaca, the Kimpton Alton restaurant. Chef Francis Ang brings all the skills of his native Philippines to create food that is half of Filipino and California cuisine.

In a cosmopolitan area surrounded by plants, you can enjoy today’s recommendations, which are different from the products of the stores, such as one of longganisa (pork, similar to us) with egg for dipping or tongue and mushroom jam, for dishes such as Lumpia (rolls) of pork and fermented mango ketchup or the stomach (similar to yakisoba) with prawns, mussels, bay scallops and sauce XO.

On weekends and in the morning they prepare one eat breakfast. The most interesting thing here is that you can try Ang’s Filipino pastries and pastries, which has more and more followers every day. His talent was revealed in the mouth like the one practice againa kind of cousin of croissantswith the same rolling process, packed with you doa Philippine tuber of a striking purple color.

Another restaurant is not less interesting still in a hotel, especially in San Francisco Property, in the heart of the city. Name Villon and there, chef Jason Foz takes California food to another level, with highly creative ingredients and seasonal products, many of them from the northern part of the state where Japanese or Italian vegetables and citrus fruits are also grown.

There you can enjoy the sea tower, like San Francisco, with a great view steak tartare with kimchi of pear, through memorable dishes such as duck glazed in honey, which is served with it large, confit and liver, including cauliflower, rhubarb made Y hook of cocoa.

You can also bet on their special dishes for two, which are brought to the room and drawn in front of the dining table, such as grilled lamb that is roasted on red wood and work with. polenta smoked and gratin onions.

The perfect ending? To reach Charmaine’sthe signature cocktail bar on the roof of the hotel, to enjoy a drink and the skyline of San Francisco as a background.

Red on dim sum? Then you need to go to the area of Fisherman’s Wharf. Here you will find many restaurants specializing in seafood, especially in bay crab and chowder clam bridge, but also, important places like Palette Tea House. Created by the creative family of koi garden Y Dragon Beauxis an authentic display of top quality Cantonese cuisine, eat according to the idea of what father China, the tradition of the gathering of tea.

His big bet is the one dim sum and those bathroom. Shrimp and fish XOcucumber, cucumber, yes, abalone.. All the fillings are homemade and they are delicious. don’t miss them bathroom of veal with black pepper or want to know wrapped lotus with sticky rice and abalone. For dessert, ask for them dumplings steamed eggs. You haven’t tried anything like it.

The ultimate carnivorous attack? go to International Smokehouse, by chefs Michael Mina and Ayesha Curry. Their trips around the world have become jewelry that is not only meat, but also fish, shellfish or vegetables, with the plan to travel more often.

Among his dishes there are many different but important ones, such as coconut and soup Thaiwhich they have with a cornbread or it shellfish platter, with prawns, crab, lobster and grilled oysters. Do not forget the famous American ribs, which are prepared here in three versions, with the classic barbecue sauce, Mexican al pastor or bathed in Korean sauce. gochujang with sesame

If you love sweets and chocolate in particular, you can’t stop eating chocolate from Ghirardelliis one of the most famous names in America in the country, which was born in San Francisco.

the paradise of chains fast food

California, and much of the United States, is a foodie’s paradise. fast food, eyes, not because it is fast food, it must not be good. It is said that in fact in this state, in the middle of the 20th century, is where the concept of fast food was created. McDonald’s, Taco Bell or Carl’s Junior were born here.

And we know good people in Spain, so it’s worth knowing about other chains that are only available there. One of the most admired in any West Coast city, yes In-N-Out Burger. He was born in 1948, even before the giant Ronald McDonald who made it in 55. In the city of Irvine, a couple opened their first business with the model of pick up with the car , drive overhence the name.

Today they have more than 300 restaurants spread across California, Nevada, Utah and Texas. The idea is simple. Quality, price and speed. They only have three types of hamburgers, the basic one, the one cheeseburger and two, fries and a drink. Nothing more and nothing less. The secret of your success? They are very good and come seasoned with sauce spread, its recipe is still secret. You will find it in urban areas such as Los Angeles or San Francisco.

In 1983 another fast food franchise was born, Panda Express, this time, originating in China. The first is in Glendale, California. In 2020 they reached 2,000 restaurants open. The concept is determined in different types such as dishdish or large plate, where you choose a base of rice, noodles or vegetables.

For these plans, you can add one or two important things and the choice will be difficult. Chicken if you helporange chicken or teriyaki, pork with black beans, beef and broccoli or spicy shrimp, etc. The result? Very good and at an unbelievable price.

Love chicken wings? Then you have to fall down Buffalo Wild Wingsa chain from 1982, specialized in game bar and this chicken. They have them both traditional, boneless and very spicy. Also, on the menu they have hot dogs made with chicken, pizza or hamburgers. In Los Angeles they have a restaurant on the same walk of fame in Hollywood.

Both great options in Santa Barbara

They say Santa Barbara is America’s Riviera and they couldn’t be more right. The city by the sea has everything to be considered a queen of summer. Endless beaches, huge palm trees, Stearns Wharf, the oldest dock in California, still in operation today, and charming cottages and mansions.

With a view of the ocean and a place that is not comparable to the palm trees, there are two restaurants. One of them is Japanese okay. They use raw products from local fishermen to create an attractive menu sushi Y roll.

Here it is a good choice to try the classic california rolls, Unlike here it is usually prepared with salmon, the first is made with crab meat. They don’t go unnoticed either lollipopssome rolls without rice, with salmon, seaweed island and form of shiso.

Just a few steps from him, you can know the great Mexican corn flower. The interior space seems to transport you to a Mexican hacienda with its high ceilings. On the menu, there is no shortage of classics from the food of the Aztec country such as guacamole or Skiingin addition to body, empanadas or quesadillas. An agreement? Try the shrimp tacos with melted cheese too Kale and those memelites pork ribs with green sauce. You will not regret.

It is necessary not to miss out on its wines here as well. The region has caught up with areas like Napa or Sonoma in production and they have excellent options for entertainment in restaurants, as well as the possibility of visiting sports.

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