The hamburger “unusual” created by Peruvian that has surpassed all the meat in the reputation

Not the Common Burger was born a month before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Peruvian André Gallet, co-founder of the brand, remembers that they started selling frozen hamburgers, but that he “didn’t sleep” is not the one who cooks hamburgers that people eat and had the intention of starting a business around it, but according to the pandemic, that dream disappeared.

When the “black kitchen” got more notoriety Gallet, together with Carlos Goicochea and Antonella Aguilar saw the opportunity and decided to open their secret kitchen.

Now, Not the Common Burger There are vegan, vegetarian and salmon burgers. “First we start with the fish. Then we create vegan burgers. We decided to offer good products, where everything is vegan. From mayonnaise to bread. We are very careful not to let them fall,” Gallet said.

For young Peruvian cooks, Not Common is a brand that has decided to create “rare” hamburgers that everyone likes, those who love meat and those who don’t eat it for justice. “We are not vegans, vegetarians or pescetarians, but we believe that everyone should have the right to health“, added.

André Gallet together with Carlos Goicochea, co-founders of Not a Common BurguerBusiness (Peru) Business (Peru)

Andre Gallet He has 12 years of experience in the field of gastronomy. from school woman Y Raphaeltwo of the most famous restaurants in Lima, and all these years they have shown it not only knowledge of food but also respect for customers. “What the customer wants to eat is the most important thing”see.

For André Gallet, the raison d’être of Not the Common Burger is to offer something different from the traditional hamburgers, something special. We are not looking to replace meat, or it has the same appearance. We do not use fruit juice or peanuts. That is not our reason. We don’t want it to look like meat. We want to sell hamburgers rare that does not exist elsewhere“, explained.

But achieving the good things they offer is not easy. “It’s a difficult science, because we don’t use eggs. We have to try new flour and additives, and that is not bitter. We have tried many things. “ arguing.

Not even Common Burger makes their sauce from scratch
Not even Common Burger makes their sauce from scratchBusiness (Peru) Business (Peru)

Not the Common Burger He makes everything from scratch, except for the vegan bread. Gallet suggests that they work hand in hand with the restaurant Kalatantawho created brioche bread “which is as rich or richer than usual”.

Peruvian cooks want everything from them. “I’m afraid that he will argue since we do everything here. Good standards don’t change. You don’t leave here if you don’t like it. We couldn’t get the bread, I wrote to them and they responded very quickly”, he remembered the ideas they needed to make their vegan burgers all”, he added.

Purpose Not the Common Burger bet on plant burgers and win first place at BurgerFest 2022. Gallet said that the day they won the best burger at Burger Fest, they were very happy. The co-founder of the brand just does not believe that a non-animal burger will win out of many others.

“It was by voting, it seemed surreal to me. It made me realize that you don’t need meat to make things that are delicious, delicious, and worthwhile. I can personally identify it by seeing the faces of customers when they try a hamburger for the first time”Explain.

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