The best fish for your hamburgers and healthy eating and exercise

  • What is the best sauce for your burgers and healthy?
  • There is life beyond mayonnaise, ketchup or barbecue sauce, which often contain added sugar
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    The smoothness and flavor of the hamburger is often determined by the type of sauce they have or we add to it. Most are ketchup and mustard, but today there are many varieties, especially in hamburger chains, where you have everything from chimichurri sauce, BBQ, Piri Piri dressing or homemade pestos and rosso, don’t forget the mayonnaise … And, from Timesburg , they help us choose the best and most suitable / healthy.

    The best sauce for your burgers

    Chimichurri: This sauce is the secret of juicy Argentine grills. Prepared with beef, provolone, tomatoes, lettuce, onion and mayonnaise, its flavors take us back to the great Argentine ranches where they prepare meat like no other. It is made with garlic, parsley, oil, chili, vinegar and salt, but it often also contains oregano, thyme or basil. It is, therefore, a healthy thing.

    Pesto: Originally from Liguria (Italy), its main ingredients are basil and Parmesan cheese, plus garlic and olive oil. It combines very well with grilled meat but also in organic and vegan burgers, made with kale, chickpeas and buckwheat. It can be made with dried tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, Parmesan and fresh basil, but without pine nuts. Apart from cheese, which, because of its fat, you have to be careful with calories, it is also ideal for your energy food.

    Spicy Chili: 100% Mexican sauce that is perfect with beef or pork. The best thing is if you like very spicy, they are prepared with red pepper and a little ginger which is very good.

    Start Piri: Exotic and spicy, Piri Piri sauce is best with chicken burgers, in fact, it is very common in Portuguese-speaking African countries such as Angola or Mozambique, where frango or chicken is widely consumed, including Brazil or Portugal itself. . Its base and base is in a type of pepper or small pepper that is characterized by very spicy, also called “African devil”. It combines very well with thin slices of chicken breast, tomatoes, arugula and onions on multigrain bread.

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    Mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup: classics that never fade

    These are the minimum healthy for your muscles. And we can see a few things here about three of the sauces that are the symbol of a hamburger: mustard sauce, mayonnaise and ketchup, always homemade, yes. Mustard sauce is spicy, based on mustard, vinegar, olive oil, salt, spices and sugar. Mayonnaise, which can be slightly different from oregano. As for ketchup, you can find regular tomatoes, or other spicy ones based on fried tomatoes and spices.

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