The benefits of turkey, complete food

Turkey is one of the main protagonists of Christmas gastronomy, in Europe and America, usually on Christmas Eve dinner, and it is also traditionally eaten during Thanksgiving, which is celebrated happy in the US and Canada.

Nutritionists also recommend including it in our food regularly beyond the indicated days.

If for many people the good and healthy food of this large chicken can not be missing from the feasts that are celebrated in the last month of every year, this food should not be absent from our food during the rest of the month. of the year, nutritionists point out.

“Turkey meat is usually dry and has less fat than chicken, and it has more nutrients and more bioavailability, that is, it provides more nutrients and these are digested, absorbed and used more by the body. for its physiological functions”, they point out from the European Medical Institute of Obesity (IMEO).

The meat of this bird in America, bigger than a chicken, and with a long neck from some red meat hanging, as well as from its head, can be considered as ‘noble meat’ and maybe for this reason it is the star of birds. table for special days, such as Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Eve of Christmas, in addition to this organization.

“Turkey meat is the most important source of protein among healthy foods, since from the animal it contains all the amino acids, both essential and non-essential,” explains Inmaculada Luengo, nutritionist and expert in the nutrition and sports community. of IMEO.

“In addition, this food has a small portion, “almost none”, of carbohydrates and a small percentage of fat, which is why it is necessary when preparing the tips for losing weight, because it pleases us thanks to its protein content and low calorie intake,” said Luengo.

The expert also explains that, according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), 100 grams of turkey meat gives us about 118 kcal or kilocalories (kcalories are usually used as elements calorie) with 16.30 grams (g). of protein.

“Therefore, the consumption of 150 grams of turkey meat, “which is the minimum recommended”, will give us about 177 kcal and 24.50 g of protein, according to Luengo.


He added that other nutrients and materials such as sodium, water, vitamin A and niacin or vitamin B3 also stand out in turkey meat.

“Proteins are useful because they give us a greater feeling of satiety or fullness after eating, by slowing down digestion, and they are also important for our body, because our bodies need them to build and maintain muscle,” according to Luengo.

Asked about the health benefits and immunity that make turkey food recommended, Luengo emphasized that this food “helps restore and build muscle.”

“There are many muscles in our body against diseases such as sarcopenia (lack of volume, strength and function of muscles in the elderly), making us strong in old age and promoting recover from more serious diseases such as cancer, avoid cases. of cachexia (loss of body weight), “, according to this expert.

“On the other hand, the fat-free content of turkey makes it an excellent product for health plans, and prevents heart disease. In addition, it is a easy to digest, also a perfect food for people with digestive problems”, he added.


For his part, Rubén Bravo, expert in food and nutrition at IMEO, explains some ways to prepare turkey in the kitchen to make the most of its nutritional properties and health.

“When we think of cooking turkey, we can bring to mind many ways to eat chicken, one of the foods we know best,” Bravo told Efe.

He points out that “a frequent choice is the cold turkey breast, mainly because it is used to prepare sandwiches or ‘snacks’ of the meal in a healthy way and have Low calorie.

“The problem is that many cold cuts like turkey are often unhealthy because businesses often add starch to them,” he admits.

For Bravo, “the best option is to find advice from trusted people from the people we usually buy cold cuts, so that they prepare for us “cuts” and with the best products .

Turkey can also be a “star” protein food in salads, says Bravo, explaining that, for example, we can cook on the grill, and put into a warm salad, or combine it with tomatoes, onions, endives, lamb’s. lettuce or avocado, in a cold salad.

“The best way to enhance its flavor is to add a balsamic vinaigrette dressing,” he recommends.

“Also, turkey is a great ingredient for healthy Mediterranean-style stews, such as ‘sautéed’ dishes, that is, low-fat foods in a pan, for baking with vegetables or in the form of skewers,” he. said.

He points out that you can use it for many different options, such as preparing turkey with curry, or turkey skewers with apple and sesame seeds.

Bravo points out that “we can ask our trusted butcher to prepare lean chicken from minced meat, and mix it at home with herbs and whole oat flakes, cooking chicken burgers with or without bread, depending. our purpose.”

One of Bravo’s favorites, and which “does not contain chicken”, is the turkey tenderloin, “a tender and juicy, suitable for cooking on the grill with a touch of salt and pepper, choose the garnish of vegetables such as grilled zucchini, eggplant and wild asparagus”, he said.

“Turkey chicken can also be made into a “orange sauce” to cook turkey with oranges,” he added.

Finally, Bravo mentions the traditional turkey, “a classic of the festival, where we can choose healthy ingredients such as pippin apple, onions, raisins and to garnish sweet potatoes with homemade cranberry juice”, concluded in his recommendation.

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