Thailand: the restaurant has hamburgers with crickets and it is a success

The Thai restaurant Bounce Burger offers its customers a new hamburger with grilled meat instead of grilled. The market for protein-rich insectscould become a multi-billion dollar global business in the future.

This site specializes in cricket There are hamburgers, hot dogs, cricket balls, and even energy bars and cookies. According to the owner of the company, Poopipat Thiapairat, crickets can be ingredients in “hamburgers, bakery or paprika seasoning, used to flavor French fries.”

These lines need to be changed, because “they are not attractive to customers”, describe the entrepreneur. Unlike local people, who have no problem eating insects, foreigners are less likely to try them. “If we open a restaurant and serve grilled food that doesn’t look like cricket, customers will be willing to try them,” he added. According to the president, cricket should be made for something more “pleasant” to the eye. In addition, during preparation, restaurant workers remove the “hard” part of the insect, such as wings and legs, because they tend to get stuck in the throat, Poopipat Thiapairat explained.

Useful insects, rich in protein and useful vitaminsThey represent an alternative to traditional meat. Crickets, for example, are the most common insects by humans around the world.

Less mooing, more screeching
One of the most popular aspects of farming is that their environmental impact is less than raising cows or pigs. A 2017 study showed that chicken production in Thailand is responsible for 89% more carbon emissions than the insect industry. Although some parts of the world are now only finding results, Thailand already has thousands of agricultural insects.

Many farms have adapted to animal feeding needs, but some now focus on insects that can be eaten by humans, such as the Bricket R&D Cricket Farm, established in 2019. Live Outside of Bangkok, the farm produces 160 kilograms of crickets every month. straight to the Bounce kitchen.

The process is carefully controlled, with cold lines to sleep, wash and collect for food, the director of Thanaphum Muang-Ieam explained. While for burgers the crickets are placed on top, for the desserts, the chefs of Bounce use the flour taken from the insects and baked into the products from the energy bars to the cookies . Forbes India.

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