Recipes with cooked beets (over salad)

It belongs to the same family as spinach or chard, what happens is that Beta vulgaris, or what is the same, the beet, has its edible part in the root. A food is more useful when filling our shopping cart, given its healthy products, which are:

  • Beets are Low calorie (less than 50 calories per 100 grams of product
  • It is have a lot of fiber and help us to be satisfied.
  • Support vitamins A and C, and minerals, especially potassium.
  • It is diuretic medicine Thanks to its high water content (more than 80%)
  • Its characteristic pigments –anthocyanins- experience antioxidant power.
  • They help less sweet than we thought. A lot of what we use for ‘at home’ food is not the same as sugar beet (a lot, yes, used for extracting white sugar).

Maybe the only ‘but’ is that it cooks slowly because it is a very difficult food. That’s why, always, in business they give us the possibility buy beets already cooked. A very strategic choice which, in addition, we have all year round. As easy as opening the package, chopping the beetroot and using it for your recipes.

Beetroot, over salad

In this sense, salad is usually the type of dish that we first think of when introducing beets into our food. However, its versatility is greater and more of the recipes (soup, cream, vegetarian burgers, hmm, rice, appetizers, carpaccio…) for the good of many things sweets. This recipe that we show you today is a good example of how beetroot has (more of) a life beyond the salad. In all of them we will also use already cooked beets, which will help the step by step. Search by clicking on the name of the recipe:

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