Options to enjoy this Aztec classic in Buenos Aires

Nachos with guacamole

SIDE V – nachos – guacamole

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the name is called one of the most “instagrammable” places in the city, V-side invites you to enjoy its new cuisine ideas with classics from the way of eating in one version plants, only made with mushrooms, vegetables, seeds, grains and superfoods. Their menu has something Mexican-inspired dishes such as a trio of tacos with braised vegetable protein, brunoise onions, refried beans, guacamole, and cilantro or their nachos with vegan cheese dip, guacamole, pico de gallo and black beans.

Enjoy the breads “Full vegan” burger with a plant-based medallion from Tsis Co, guacamole, tomato slices, red onion pickles, kimchi mayo and cilantro. The place has a spacious lounge, tables on the sidewalk, a terrace and a patio with a sliding roof, all decorated in a striking way with neon lights, murals and many colors. It also offers delivery and take out.

Address: Honduras 4969, Palermo.

Instagram: @ladov.bsas

Tuned potatoes with guacamole

Growlers – chips with guacamole

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Growlers is a bar that combines a variety of craft beers and cocktails with a great menu. for all palates, from hamburgers, sandwiches, signature dishes, snacks, empanadas to salads and options vegan, veggie and TACC free. One dish that never fails is theirs tuned french friesideal to share with a few friends, which combined with different toppings, the potatoes stand out with guacamole based on avocado, onion, tomato and cilantro, topped with grilled egg and mozzarella.

Your place of urban settingthere are lounges, decks, terraces, patios and sidewalks suitable for any time of the year.

Address: Av. Santa Fe 1430, Recoleta / Doblas 857, Caballito / Gurruchaga 1450, Palermo / El Salvador 5602, Palermo Hollywood / Cuba 2202, Belgrano / Perón 489, San Nicolás / Olleros 3450,

Instagram: @growlerscc

Veggie pizza with guacamole

Buenos Aires Green – Power pizza – guacamole

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Buenos Aires Verde is a restaurant created by the famous chef Mauro Massimino which has many vegetarian, vegan and raw preparations, made with organic ingredients. Among other things, on his menu you can see many options for tapas, lunch or dinner created with an irresistible ingredient: guacamole.

Some of the ideas are roasted potatoes with tomato sauce, melted cheese and guacamole; the quinoa and millet burger, made with brioche bread, sautéed onions, cheese, raw mustard and ketchup, grilled egg, guacamole, pickles and coleslaw with vegan mayonnaise; Strong Pizza Buenos Aires with a variety of fresh and baked vegetables, quinoa, vegan eggs, dried tomatoes and olives, finished with smoked cashew cheese, guacamole, pickles, rawmesan and vegan mayonnaise; and Neapolitan tofu with baked potatoes, quinoa with vegetables, guacamole and green salad with seasonal vegetables.

Everything you plan is there to enjoy in his cozy loungeoutside walking, delivery or take out service.

Address: Gorriti 5657, Palermo

Instagram: @buenosairesverde

ribs with guacamole

Joes Grill Mexican Ribs with guacamole

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American cuisine specialty restaurant, Joe’s Grill, yes A great choice for having fun with family and friends. In its different menu we can find classic dishes, salads, woks and pasta, but without a doubt one of the most popular options is the ribs. At Joe’s grill they have one Wide selection of ribs, Mexican stand out, slow-roasted pork ribs with guacamole topping.

This dish is accompanied by cole slaw and French fries, without doubt the best accompaniment. They also offer a super Milanesa Mexican with sour cream, guacamole, cheddar, nachos and hot sauce dip, classic nachos with guacamole, cheddar cheese and filetto sauce, or You can opt for the Mexican Burger which is served with tomato, lettuce, onion, bacon, cheddar and guacamole.

Address: Av. Fondo de la Legua 340, San Isidro.

Instagram: @joesgrill.arg

pretzels with guacamole

Moisha Avocado Pretzel – guacamole

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With the foundation of being “vibrate culture”, Moisha Bakery aims to make more and more people aware of the flavors of Traditional Jewish cuisine, with a twist that surprises and delights. Its pastry offerings include originals both sweet and salty pretzels with eight options to choose from, including the Avocado Pretzel, with guacamole, poached egg and cream cheese. It can be eaten on site or ordered to take away.

Address: Larrea 1531, Recoleta / Manuela Pedraza 2288, Nuñez / Mercat Villa Crespo village 14, Thames 747 / September 11, 1209, Belgrano / Diaz Colodrero 2320, Villa Urquiza.

Instagram: @moishabakery

Plant-based burger with guacamole

Peppermint Vegan – Avocado Plant Burger – guacamole

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On Caseros Boulevard in San Telmo, the hamburger and ice cream parlor Vegan Peppermint, has a complete range of organic fast food. His letter features 10 varieties of expert burgers which does not seek to emulate the flavor of meat, but quite the opposite: in every bite the flavor and texture of vegetables predominate, like the fresh Avocado Plant Burger (gift Based on cereals, legumes and organic textured soyRich avocado puree – with lime, pepper and salt -, coconut mozzarella, tomatoes, red onion and chipotle mayonnaise on brioche bread).

It is accompanied by French fries, with the option of replacing gluten free bread. Another home option with a touch of Mexican cuisine is his Crazy nachos, made with corn tortillas, organic textured soy sauce, guacamole, vegan cheddar, red onion and cilantro. A different idea and food to enjoy in your village with a relaxed mind outdoor tables or order to go.

Address: Av. Caseros 466, San Telmo, CABA

Instagram: @hierbabuenavegan

salmon and guacamole

Nozomi – Isobe Ague – guacamole

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Nozomi, in the historic Carriage Market, offers a journey through traditional Japanese cuisine through its omakase recommendations. The concept shows a “no food” place with a version of Japanese street food with a gourmet touch and made with fish and ingredients of the day.

from your bar The dishes are created at this time and by the recommendation of the chef for the diners. For those who are caught in this gastronomy, we recommend Isobe Ague, fresh food with salmon and guacamole be the protagonist. These are the letters salmon wrapped in nori seaweed and tempura with a side of guacamole spiced with a little tabasco sauce; To finish it, teriyaki sauce, passion fruit honey and ponzu are added.

Address: Av. Alem 850, Carriage Market, Retiro.

Instagram: @nozomi.ryori

Chicken fingers with guacamole

Blossom – chicken fingers – guacamole

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Blossom is a cafe & restaurant that stands out with its four locations in the North Zone (Olivos, Martínez, San Isidro and San Fernando). In his area he has one gastronomic ideas loaded with many options in breakfast, restaurant, pastry shop, bakery, lunch and snacks made with quality products and 100% handmade process.

in the letter stand out from the inaccessible like chicken fingerscrispy supreme chicken battered in cereals and a mixture of seeds, served with cheddar sauce and guacamole.

Address: Edison 10 (Martínez), Av. Maipú 2501 (Olivos), Av. Libertador 16246 (San Isidro), Constitución 1002 (San Fernando)

Instagram: @blossom.rest

tacos with guacamole

BOCHA – tacos rib al rio – guacamole (girl)

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BOCHA is an open-air walking tour where many flavors and fun converge for all ages. In the place stand out more than 14 gastronomic ideas in the curated by Narda Lepes, which offers truly delicious food and signature cocktails at Campo Argentino de Polo, in the heart of Palermo. Stay there There are tempting options at “Ribs al Río”, a place that presents preparations with an unmistakable Tex-Mex fusion.

Among his choices are those pulled pork bites, some bacon and frayed pork croquettes with expert BBQ sauce and guacamole. Also, They offer Cochinita Pibil tacos, Traditional tacos from the Yucatan region with pulled pork in nixtamalized corn tortillas with guacamole sauce, red onion and cilantro. The delicacies will be enjoyed on The outdoor areas of this food tour, every Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 7 pm.

Address: Av. del Libertador 4096, Palermo

Instagram: @bochapolo

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