New trends in hamburgers seek to introduce meat and domestic products and sustainable packaging

In Chile, approximately 2 million hamburgers are sold per year, which is equivalent to more than 240 hamburgers per hour.

It is a fast food that over time has become one of the most requested in restaurants and snacks around the world, because they have endless possibilities to taste different products. and ingredients.

For Gonzalo Peñafiel, the founder of Local Burger, having the first product and the fact that their raw material is the country is one of the first business.

“If we want to differentiate ourselves from the competition and deliver better products, we have to start with the raw materials. And in Chile we have very good meat and vegetables,” he said.

The meat of the hamburgers is national and the cuts are carefully selected by their owners. In addition to being ground every day by the workers, it never goes through the defrosting process, which makes the product juicy and excellent.

“Our hamburgers, in terms of meat, do not contain any other type of fat than meat. Not even oil is added to the griddle, since, when pressed against it, all the fat melts. Do this , it is beneficial to hold and prevent him from following,” said Peñafiel.

As for the most popular, there is the Classic Burger in its single and double versions, a pork onion, double Cheeseburger, and Jalapeño cheddar for those who like it spicy.

They also have a line of chicken burgers, the Fried chicken burger stands out, which comes with house breading, red onion, pickle and an amazing coleslaw prepared by them.

The brand also recently launched a 100% natural butter burger made by a family business from southern Chile, specifically from the Ñuble region.

American cheese, diced onions with fish, hamburger with country and fresh meat are the rest of the ingredients that accompany sandwiches that are already available in many countries around the world, mostly in the United States and England, but not yet in Chile. very loud.

“The grace is that the spice butter melts in the hamburger and that it is covered in it. The onion is cooked in the chicken and mixed with American cheese, this makes it a combination of flavors,” Peñafiel said.

“Fat is always a good friend of the hamburger, as long as it is in proportion. The excess of it can affect all the other ingredients, and its lack can have a negative effect or dry, since the butter in this, adds flavor and moisturizes the product,” he added.

In addition, the company is concerned about the environment and has sustainable packaging, while still being beautiful. “What is pulled to get the hamburger completely disassembled or crushed. We care about that, but also that the packaging can be recycled,” Peñafiel added.

The idea is that in the shipping container also control the temperature of the product.

Burger and together

The butter burger pairs well with one of the store’s organic juice options. In addition, it is recommended that it should be eaten in place as soon as it is served, to enjoy the true burst of flavors.

Also, according to Peñafiel, “there is always a choice of chicken, meat or vegetarian burger with a good wine, because there is no meat that does not go well with a good wine. “

Gonzalo says, if the hamburger is meat and has the necessary fat content, the agreement is there or if it should be accompanied by red wine.

For beer fans, if the hamburger is lean or vegetarian and has less fat, the recommendation is that it should be eaten with a lager, “this suits you well, if it is heavier , combined with hamburger will be very good. feeling of satiety “, explains the creator of Local Burger.

In other vegetarians, such as, for example, black bean or mushroom burger, the recommendation is that they drink liquid at a low temperature, “laber beer, made with barley malt, rice and hops, very good, it is light and with personality”.

For those who do not drink alcohol there are options, including cold pressed juice, artisanal and with national products such as maqui and juice.

“The temperature is important when choosing the liquid to go with your hamburger, because the fat will be denser when it is cold and more so if it is with liquid that is cold, so my recommendation is to be careful with the heat of the hamburger. and above all that we have with it, “Peñafiel concluded.

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