IBCE: Until July 2022, soybeans and meat exceeded last year’s export data

September 21 (Urgent.bo).- The director of the Bolivian Institute of Foreign Trade (IBCE), Gary Rodríguez, announced that the export of soybeans and meat until July of this administration was than the export data of 2021. The soybean can reach the export of hydrocarbons.

“Both soybeans and meat up to the month of July exceeded their records for the whole of last year and at the rate we are going, the forecast is that we can reach reached 2 billion dollars in soybean exports. What does that mean? The soybeans can reach the export of hydrocarbons and it is good, because they are more foreign currency for the State “, Rodríguez said.

Soybeans and their derivatives until the month of July of this administration exported 1,421 million dollars, over the export of last year, with 1,369 million dollars.

On the other hand, beef, offal and hamburgers, as well as soybeans, exceeded the export of the previous control until July 2022. In 2021 the export of meat and its derivatives reached almost 21 tons and a total of 102.3 million dollars and now almost 18. thousand tons reached the value of 110.5 million dollars.

“This flood is called public private sector, this is because everyone is doing what they have to do. The government helps and takes care of health, opening foreign trade, good In this way China, has been exported to Viedma to El Cóndor, exported to Russia. Private business, the rancher invests in paddocks, cold chains, refrigerators, genetics to spread and send out”, he explained.

Soybeans from 1980 to July 2022 produced 58 million tons with a value of 17,474 million dollars for export

“In Santa Cruz in the 1980s they experimented with soy when the government opened the Andean economic community and began to see more exports, it allowed the use of biotechnology in 2005, for an event and soy shoot,” he said. .

The director of IBCE said that this process, which is used for the export of soybeans, should be used for quinoa, tarwi, cañahua, amaranth, among other rich foods produced by the country .

“What we have are superfoods, we know how to produce them, but we must produce them with another tonic on a scale, mechanized with good agricultural practices, technifying their production to overcome the foreign market and with those who bring foreign currency to the country.” he added.

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