Healthy dinner: This is how you can prepare a cabbage burger and use its nutrients well

Dinner time comes and the only thing we think about is being able to enjoy delicious choicebut above all good healthbecause Dinneraccording to what experts they said, you should take one good health and ideal for protecting the immune system from non-communicable diseases such as: heart disease, diabetes and cancer. In addition to this, they also recommend not using salt, sugar and saturated trans fats in large quantities.

Of course it is important add a good potion of vegetables and for this reason, today we bring you a special recipe, which will be healthy and with all the touches of flavor that we love so much; cauliflower burgers. Those vegetableis a type of vegetable that tends to divide people, but we must emphasize the fact that it is one of the best options that we have for add our food.

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