From the prediction of the consumption of drugs to the truth of fake meat – Live

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At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the diet of the year 2000 was thought of as a medicine that would provide the necessary calories, but this failed prediction was forced, among others, from the fact of synthetic meat or eggs that were not laid by animals.

This happened in Food Meets Science, a conference that was brought together on Monday in Madrid – before the Best Chef Awards gala, which tomorrow the best of 2022 will be announced – international chefs to discuss how to collaborate with science. changing the way we eat to reduce the impact of food on the planet.


Among them, Andoni Luis Aduriz, from the two stars of Mugaritz (Guipúzcoa), who returned the documents and the famous manuscripts of the 19th century or the book by Jacob Rosin & Max Eastman “The Way to “Possibility” (1953), in which he thinks that people will feed themselves in the 21st century with medicine and will fantasize about banquets more appropriate at a pharmaceutical company than a restaurant.

That was not done, but an alternative to oviparous eggs provided by Zero Egg, samples of crustacean meat from stem cells from Shiok meat, animal fat and fat from the fermentation of vegetables leftovers from Farmsow or Novameat plants as beef, chicken, and pork “meat.”

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