For a hamburger restaurant that you can put on your shoe in A Coruña

The hamburger It is a food that almost everyone likes, and in recent years has established itself as one of the fast foods. There are alternatives for all tastes, from traditional options, American inspiration, to new and interesting, even vegan.

This article has a selection of those The best restaurants in A Coruña eat to burst.

Or Birradoiro (Star Street, 15. A Coruña)

Beer Y burgers. The simple (and perfect) combination is what he said Or Birradoiro, in the path of the Star. This company, which had to close its doors due to the epidemic, is back this summer with more energy than ever. They star bet are those “Smash Burger” or smashed hamburger, prepared American-style. It can be enjoyed in combos – with potatoes and beer – or separately. Also there veggie options.

Cheesy Burger (C. Pondal, 5)

burger joint Cheesy Burger It has been done viral on tik tok for the iconic smile stamped on his bread and his appetizing hamburgers. Those always choose Their food varies from the “American”, which has fruit, American cheese and bacon, to the “champion bbq”, which has bacon and onion rings, or the “goat burger”, with goat cheese and caramelized onions. Between more daring burgers are the “cheesix“, which is ideal for cheese lovers, “donut burger“, a very American version with glazed donuts, beef, cheddar and small cheese, bacon and “cheesy” sauce and the “tropical burger”, which is characterized by a different tropical mix.

Also there vegan options: those spinach burgersraisins and onions, and those of carrot root with curry, both with lots of flavor. All food in the area is made with potatoes. Many things the price go by 10 go to 16 euros.

Hermes’ Journey (C. Orzán, 28)

Herme’s Journey is a restaurant and a restaurant that helps gourmet burgers in A Coruna. In his letter is the one nice burgername 2nd best in Galicia in the 2nd Spanish Championship, held this year. The ingredients of this dish are poppy seed bread, hamburger meat, arugula, bacon, aged cheddar and mayonnaise with lemon and pepper.

Among the most unique items on the menu are the “Betty” hamburger, which has red cheese and pesto, the “Daisy”, with foie gras and 5-pepper sauce, and the “Lexi” hamburger, based on falafel and yogurt sauce. . Those the price They are different 8 go to 11 euros.

Carnivale (C. Orillamar, 24)

The best of burgers carnival that’s it freshness and qualitydespite the great freedom of personal. There are 6 types of burgers that can be made to taste: from “15002” – with bacon, smoked Galician cheese and honey, mustard or BBQ sauce-, “Genovesa” – with Genoese pesto, Parmesan and black fruit green, or blue, conqueso and blue cheese sauce. Those Hug oscillates between Galician veal, premium beef, chicken, zorza and even vegetables. Those the price oscillate medium 8 and those 12 euros. In addition to A Coruña, Carnivale is also in Culleredo (C. Amparo López Jean, 24).

Uptown Burgers (C. San Roque, 9)

burgers from Uptown Burgers yes 100% handmade and is made with carefully selected ingredients to create the perfect burger.

Of beef, fried chicken, zorza, ox or “chiplote”. In Uptown you have many options to choose from. They also have one vegetable burger, made from oats, and they have customizable burgers, in which you can choose the base – “Indian”, “Mexican” and “Sicilian”-. All meals come with a serving of potatoes.

Those the price up to the rank of 6 and 10 euros.

Tailoring (C. Emilia Pardo Bazán, 38)

Those The shop is a tavern and burger joint with the letter suitable for coeliacs. Among its many types of hamburgers are those cattlethat Chickenthose Iberianthat Salmon wave “Lucy” – beef stuffing with red cheddar, with pickle jam-. Vegetarians can enjoy a vegetable burger with tomato, lettuce and onion. All meals come with potatoes.

Many things the price go by eleven go to 15 euros.

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