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May 28 is celebrated International Burger Daya dish famous around the world, which has evolved over time and has a wide diet.

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The word “Burger» hails from Hamburg, Germany. However, he does not know where the recipe for such a dish came from. Some people attribute it to the American chef Louis Lassen, but others argue that it was born in Germany, with a recipe that includes steaks on two loaves.

Eating hamburgers in Mexico

According to Euromonitor, between 2017 and 2022 the value of burgers experienced a growth of 16% in Mexico, this is due to the lifestyle of young people, especially Millennials. In recent years, it has been seen that the new generation looks for a variety of options on the menu and they like experiences that are mixed together.

International Burger Day
Photo: Chili’s

Information on Information Resources Inc.., a business research firm in Chicago, points out that young people like burgers with various condiments, dressings, proteins and ingredients that enhance flavor and texture.

This explains why there are so many types of this food, which can meet everyone’s taste. Today there are classic burgers, with the usual ingredients such as BBQ sauce, guacamole, bacon and shrimp, but also extravagant ingredients.

The 3 iconic burgers

speaking of burgers iconic we can not ignore the most expensive in the world, which has a price of 2,050 euros. The work of chef Diego Buick which is made of different ingredients such as: white truffle, tomatoes exported from Japan, vanilla from Madagascar and edible gold paper, do you want to try it?

On the other hand, there is a Burger with sweet touch, something that can not be seen, we talk about Burger ‘Ariel’, created by The Bird, a Berlin-based venue. The recipe contains salmon, dried herbs, meersalz spaghetti, cucumber salad with currants, dill, red pepper and a touch of red berries.

There are also vegetarian options such as the ‘Superiority Burger’, a burger found in New York’s East Village. Those who have tried it admit that they do not see the difference in respect to traditional hamburgers, although their fillet is made of mixed vegetables.

Although it is always done with burgers with soft drinks, juices or milkshakes, you can combine them with Mexican wines.

The best pairing for hamburger

The Mexican Wine Council puts together, according to the variety of hamburgers that are available, so that you can celebrate International Burger Day.

If you want to taste a Burger with bacon and BBQ sauce, it is best to accompany it with Don Leon Linde Shiraz, because of its acidity of soft tannins, with aromas of red fruit and notes of wood, which will highlight the spicy notes.

when you choose one Burger With salmon, you can pair it with San Juanito Malbec Rose Wine, a wine full of ripe black fruits that will give balance and stability to your palate.

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On the other hand, if you like vegetarians, you can opt for De Cote Atempo Chardonnay, which stands out for its fruit aromas with a variety of pineapple, peach, peach, apple and white roses.

Pairing with wines is a great option because it allows you to digest the fat and emphasize the flavor of the ingredients, so now you know how to celebrate. International Burger Day.

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