Cheap food allows you to control local sales

Some people eat lunch on the street either because they don’t bring food to work or because it’s just for them. Despite the crisis, people are looking for economic change.

The 2001 team toured some stores to get a feel for the selection and pricing.

The manager of Arepera Solano 1, Damelys Machado, said that for lunch they offer “a menu that includes soup and dry for $5. The different course of the second course is steak with onions, stewed meat, stewed ribs or grilled chicken”.

He said there were people asking for empanadas or tequeños for lunch. “We have a promotion of two empanadas and malt for $ 1, tequeños of Bs 6”.

He said that the special creation of the business is the Special So-lano hamburger with oregano, “the meat that we make, they also order for lunch, comes with Nestea for $ 6. The sale is still on of 30%”.


Administrative Assistant of Batidos Llanolandia; Leidy Rengifo shared that they have breakfast combos and service meals for $5 at the BCV price. “The menu has soup, dry, juice and coffee for the house. Today’s food is minestrone soup, eggplant pasticho with chicken, or roast chicken. “

It is noted that there are different dishes every day. “We also have hamburgers and cachapas for lunch, which depends on what the customer wants. The hamburgers with everything cost $2 and cachapas with cheese, with ham at $5 and the cheese and pork of $9”.

He said the request was being handled. Customers are high for a few days and “today we expect to be the same.” Saturday is the busiest weekday.

The manager of Lunchería Margot, Alfredo Pérez, pointed out that the budget options for lunch in the area are chicken, bacon, or steak, from $4 to $5. honey for regular customers”.

He said that the specialty of the business is pasticho, stewed chicken and black roast, “for the season. Sales have increased from 50% to 60% from six months to here”.

The owner of Lunchería Yugeisy, Ana Graciela Linares, stated that lunch costs $4. “We have steak, chop, milanese, with salad and rice or beans. The menu changes every day and includes passion fruit juice, guava or tamarind.”

He said that in the morning he sells empanadas for Bs 5. “There are people who have lunch with that and can do it immediately. Sales are down 50% for a long time. “

The director of @streetburgers_ccs, Daniel Maita, said “there are people who come at noon for lunch with hamburgers, pepitos or hot dogs.”

Burgers are $5 chicken, $4 steak or $6 chop, $4 pepitos and $1.5 dogs. “The most they bring for lunch is a dog,” he said.


José Cárdenas pointed out that “I often eat lunch on the street, chop, steak, everything makes me angry. I invest $8 between my father and me. It is cheap compared to other places.

Claudia López said that sometimes she eats lunch on the street. “I bought a well-resolved hot dog for $1.5, it’s cheap and that’s enough.” “I have two hamburgers for $3, which is cheaper,” said María Rodríguez.

Articles and photos of In 2001.

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